Scroll, scroll. Tap. Heart. There I was, doing it again: I had 10 or so “entry-level” cameras in my KSL favorites list, and a dream of creating beautiful photos – ones that would MOVE people, to bring them to tears or laughter, or at least a smile to their face. I think I realized at that point that if I really was going to get my own camera, I might as well do it right! So I dug in, researched everything I could think of, tried out a couple camera brands just to test the waters, made some decisions on what I liked and wanted,Read More →

I scored adding Kurtis & Mel to my family when I married my husband, and I ADORE their entire family. Mel is warm and homey through and through, and it shows in the way interacts with her kids, the way she decorates, and especially how she runs her salon business. Kurtis is her perfect match – a patient father to their four energetic and curious kiddos, as well as a genius creative, fellow LoTR nerd, and kind soul. And their kids give THE BEST HUGS OF ALL TIME. Read More →