It’s inevitable – I start a conversation with a potential client, or a friend who’s just curious about what I do, and the SAME questions always come up. So, I figured it’s about time to write up my FAQ’s! Tada! Here they are! I certainly hope these help you to understand what to expect, and that this answers a lot of your questions! If you still have questions after reading through, though, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m sure I haven’t got everything yet! (And who knows, maybe you’ll help me do a FAQ 2.0 post later!) What sessions do you offer? I amRead More →

I have been SO lucky to watch Elizabeth and Jared become parents – from helping them announce their pregnancy to being there for them as they labored to bring their little boy into the world, and finally, to be here together with them, comfortable at home and looking so TOGETHER during this GORGEOUS in-home newborn session. Read More →

Liz’s due date came and went with no baby boy. We knew that he would come on his own time and that “being overdue” is totally normal for first-time mamas, but it still was hard to be patient for him to get here!! Meanwhile, my husband left for Mongolia, my sister came to help be my on-call babysitter, and the Moore’s finished his ADORABLE nursery. We were all ready for little mister Moore to come into the world whenever he was ready!Read More →