Liz’s due date came and went with no baby boy. We knew that he would come on his own time and that “being overdue” is totally normal for first-time mamas, but it still was hard to be patient for him to get here!! Meanwhile, my husband left for Mongolia, my sister came to help be my on-call babysitter, and the Moore’s finished his ADORABLE nursery. We were all ready for little mister Moore to come into the world whenever he was ready!Read More →

Scroll, scroll. Tap. Heart. There I was, doing it again: I had 10 or so “entry-level” cameras in my KSL favorites list, and a dream of creating beautiful photos – ones that would MOVE people, to bring them to tears or laughter, or at least a smile to their face. I think I realized at that point that if I really was going to get my own camera, I might as well do it right! So I dug in, researched everything I could think of, tried out a couple camera brands just to test the waters, made some decisions on what I liked and wanted,Read More →