Imagine with me, if you will, that we’re meeting for the first time. Maybe we’re both at the library or grocery store, or maybe we’re at church together or just so happen to both be at the same friend’s home at the same time. (HAZZAH, I KNEW I needed someone just like you in my life!) We hit it off, and start talking about… well, whatever we decide to talk about! We laugh, talk about our kids you share what’s been on your mind, and I share what’s been on mine – and chances are, it’s probably one (or a few) of these:

  • The constant pull between my checklist and trying to enjoy the present moment.
  • Finding quality time with my sweet, thoughtful husband and my CUTE, cute 18-month-old girlie.
  • How much my extroverted soul needs to find more awesome people like you to hang out with.
  • My desperate yearning to help every woman’s journey into motherhood be an empowering one, where her voice and body are respected and trusted (which all started with my birth experience).

Somewhere in our lovely conversation – maybe we get on the topic of birth or motherhood or photography or work or something like that – I officially tell you that I’m a birth and motherhood photographer and doula serving Davis, Weber & Salt Lake Counties here in Utah. You comment how awesome that sounds, and I say YES. It’s pretty incredible, getting to document motherhood, be in the birth space, support clients I truly LOVE, just… EVERYTHING sets my soul on fire. Maybe I’ll even share with you how surreal this all feels – it’s really only been about 3 years since I bought that first, $230 camera off of KSL, and MYY I never would’ve guessed then that I’d be HERE, running my own, self-sustaining business, and getting to serve, love, learn from, and empower INCREDIBLE WOMEN AND MOTHERS.

If we get into the birth conversation, you’ll quickly find that I am a BIRTH NERD. I trained as a doula with Genesis Birth Co, and just seem to spend my extra time reading all the birth books (Babies are Not Pizzas by Evidence Based Birth’s Rebecca Dekker is one of my current favorites), trying to be a better advocate and support in the birth space, and brainstorming new ways to help my fellow doulas and birth workers be seen and heard by more of the mamas that so need them.

Most of all, in whatever conversation we have, I hope you feel that I CARE – sincerely and deeply – about YOU: your life, your family, your goals, dreams, fears, and aspirations. And I hope that all that makes you want to be friends with me just as much as I want to be friends with you.

*Deep, happy breath* Even that imagined conversation felt good, huh? With any luck, we’ll get to have this get-to-know-each other, become-friends-in-a-moment conversation in person sometime soon, and we can talk about how I can serve you and your family! All you have to do is reach out!

Not sure why you should hire a birth photographer? Read this! Unsure of what authentic and raw motherhood photography looks and feels like? Check out some examples in my galleries, or read my FAQ‘s.

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Hope we talk soon!