Imagine with me, if you will, that we’re meeting for the first time. Maybe we’re both at the library or grocery store, or maybe we’re at church together or just so happen to both be at the same friend’s home at the same time. (HAZZAH, I KNEW I needed someone just like you in my life!) We hit it off, and start talking about… well, whatever we decide to talk about! We laugh, talk about our kids you share what’s been on your mind, and I share what’s been on mine – and chances are, it’s probably one (or a few) of these:

  • The constant pull between my checklist and trying to enjoy the present moment.
  • How I can better serve my sweet, thoughtful husband and help my CUTE, cute little 1-year-old girlie sleep through the night.
  • How much my extroverted soul needs to find more awesome people like you to hang out with.
  • My desperate yearning to help every woman’s journey into motherhood be an empowering one, where her voice and body are respected (which all started with my birth experience – which I wrote a blog about!)

Somewhere in our lovely conversation – whether we get on the topic of birth or motherhood or photography or work – I officially tell you that I’m a birth and motherhood photographer serving Davis, Weber & Salt Lake Counties. You ask me how I got into it, and I give you the classic photographer creation story – how I loved playing around with my parent’s camera ever since I was young and absolutely TREASURE how photography captures those fleeting moments of life (don’t we all hate how those pass so quickly, and love how photos can help us relive those precious, beautiful, everyday moments?) I snagged myself my own camera a few years ago, started up a business, and.. whelp, a lot of work later, here I am!

But what I hope I’ll get to tell you is that it’s not the act of capturing moments in a photograph that makes this business thing worth it for me – it’s that I am ADDICTED and feel CALLED to serving, loving, learning from, and empowering INCREDIBLE WOMEN AND MOTHERS – and providing my fellow mamas with beautiful, authentic images of their motherhood is absolutely one of my favorite ways to do that.

Most of all, in whatever conversation we have, I hope you feel that I CARE – sincerely and deeply – about YOU: your life, your family, your goals, dreams, fears, and aspirations. And I hope that all that makes you want to be friends with me just as much as I want to be friends with you.

*Deep, happy breath* Even that imagined conversation felt good, huh? With any luck, we’ll get to have this get-to-know-each other, become-friends-in-a-moment conversation in person sometime soon, and we can talk about how I can serve you and your family! All you have to do is reach out to me via my contact page, here!

Not sure you should hire a birth photographer? Unsure of what lifestyle motherhood photography looks and feels like? Check out some examples in my galleries, or read my FAQ‘s. Not ready to meet or commit quite yet? Give me a follow on Instagram and/or Facebook, and keep up to date with my latest and greatest thoughts, work, and dreams.

Hope we talk soon!